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Dr. Peled, President of , has extensive academic and biotech research experience in basic sciences as well as biotechnology and biomedical devices. She currently serves as a consultant to biotech start-up companies; as a member of Compass Venture Group’s Advisory Board; manage the activity (music and fine art) of the artist David D’or in the USA. Dr. Peled was the Co-Founder & CEO of Applied Immune Technologies (AIT) Ltd. that was acquired by Adicet Bio Inc. in 2016,  the Co-Founder and CEO of BioMimic Pharma that was acquired by MannKind Corporation Inc. in 2006 ; has worked for leading Israeli biotech companies including Biotechnology General and Interpharm; and has been involved in establishing a number of start-ups. Dr. Peled received her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science and completed her post-doctorate at the University of California, Berkeley.
Mira Peled
Ms. Gelikas, the COO, is an experienced Information Technology and Operations Executive with vast international experience.  As a proactive leader and effective manager, Ms. Gelikas led successfully large business and technology transformation programs, ensuring smooth transformation and improved business process while solving major business challenges. Ms. Gelikas proven track record is based on her experience in business development, strategy crystallization, design, SW development, and program implementation as well as production support of business applications and IT operations. Before joining Peaks Venture Consulting, Ms. Gelikas held several senior management positions at Amdocs, among them the last of which was VP of Global Quality and Operational Excellence responsible for the process improvement globally across Amdocs. As part of this role, combining her vast experience from her previous role as Head of Advertising and Media division (A&M) Ms. Gelikas led a Global Change Management program resulting in higher EBIT, more value to clients and increased employee professional pride as well as achieving successful external appraisal of CMMI® ML-3 certification for an organization of 4,000 employees.  As the head of A&M division, Ms. Gelikas was responsible for worldwide activities in the local advertising industry, with responsibility for the P&L of hundreds of millions of dollars, including design and implementation of large managed service operations and management of development centers, marketing and sales professional teams in an organization with personnel spread among development centers and client sites around the world. Ms. Gelikas holds a BSc of Information System Engineering from Technion Haifa and International Executive  MBA from Kellogg-Recanati, Tel-Aviv University.

Liana Gelikas
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